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I have. Indeed, I have neglected this blog. And I don’t even have an excuse this time. I guess I’ve spent much of the time lapse keeping my thoughts to myself. I have had many thoughts about many things that have transpired all these months. Here are a couple of random thoughts …

We’re EXPECTING! Well, I should say my eldest daughter is expecting, but I feel like I am expecting too, since I seem to be riding along on the mood swings caused by those pregnancy hormones, as my pregnant daughter updates me daily. Her sister gets updates, too, but she is too young to appreciate the little daily updates. Here is a conversation she related to me the other day:

Pregnant sister: So what did you do today?

Younger sister: Oh, I went to the mall today and bought a shirt.

Pregnant sister: Well, guess what I did today!

Younger sister: What?

Pregnant sister: I bought a breast pump!

Younger sister: Eeuww! Mom! Why does she have to tell me that?!

Then there was the time pregnant daughter called me bawling. Seems she was late for her doctor’s appointment. She called to let them know, but when she got there, to everyone’s surprise – the receptionist, the nurse, her husband – she collapsed on the chair and burst into tears. The doctor came out and asked her what was wrong, why she was crying. “Because I’m late! I’m late for my appointment!” He consoled and said it was perfectly fine, no worries.

“Were you like this Mom??” she asked me.

“Uh, no, I don’t think so.” I honestly can’t recall any emotional ups and downs while pregnant. I do recall them after the baby was born. Especially with my first born, because I was so uncertain, so unsure, and felt so alone since my family lived thousands of miles away. But it all worked out. You learn as you go. It’s easier with the second and the third. You’re more relaxed, you know they won’t break or die if you don’t change their diaper right away, or give them a bottle every four hours or get them potty trained by the time they are age two.

Yes, babies are a blessing. So much work, but truly a blessing. This one will be, and you will probably read more ramblings from me on this topic!

On another note … My dad passed away 19 years ago today. I can still vividly remember receiving the phone call from my sister at three o’clock in the morning, how I frantically tried to track down each of my siblings who were living in different parts of the country, and making arrangements to take the first flight home. My heart still aches when I remember …

I was disappointed in myself because I didn’t remember the significance of today until later in the morning. So after work, I went to Our Lady of Peace Church for the first time because I learned that it is open 24/7. There happened to be a mass going on when I arrived. The priest was half way done with his sermon. He spoke about angels and how they help us and guide us, but that in the end, it’s up to us because we all have free will, just as Jesus had free will and made the difficult choice to die for us.

The priest said we should have faith, not to worry, and to trust in the Lord, because God makes miracles happen in the most dramatic, extraordinary, and sometimes, even confusing way. We just have to have faith, he said.

Then, to my amazement, he said we should all pray to our ancestors, our relatives who have gone before us, because they are part of the communion of saints and they, too, can intercede for us. I just thought it was such a coincidence, since that was the reason why I came to the church this evening, to pray for Dad and to pray to Dad.

I really miss you, Dad. You continue to remain in our hearts. And if you had something to do with the blessing that’s arriving in a few months, thank you for this amazing miracle! We pray all goes well and, with your help, I pray that God keep all my children happy, healthy and safe!

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