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Sweet, splendid summer, but no time for blogging

Promises, promises, unfortunately, one I have not been able to keep. Although so many thoughts have raced through my mind, I have not been able to put them down on the computer screen. You see, it really has been a crazy, but sweet and splendid summer. How do I put many wonderful experiences and cherished moments into words? Perhaps pictures can tell the story and written reflections can follow later.

First, my garden
My garden has been thriving. Well, I should say the lettuce and zucchini have. Tomatoes are blighted and I was too busy or unconcerned to deal with them, and now, I see, there are many green tomatoes sprouting that have black spots on the bottom! The peppers are doing all right, though stunted since the tomato plants are gigantic and encroaching on their space.

Boo to the cucumber plants and never again to pole beans. Apparently Boston cucumber plants and I don’t get along and the beans aren’t worth a darn for what I can get them for in the store. They take up too much space and don’t seem to like me either!

It’s the lettuce and zucchini that appear to like me a lot. I’ve been able to harvest the lettuce a number of times, and as for the zucchini, two plants have been enough to feed an army. Almost daily, I’ve been able to pick zucchinis and now find myself looking for friends who would like to take them. We are done eating zucchini for a while.

Zucchinis looking great

Siblings together
For the first time in 18 years since Dad died, my siblings and I found ourselves together in one place. It’s not that we’ve never seen or spoken to each other. It’s just that whenever we have gathered, someone happens to be missing. Well this summer, we all met to celebrate the engagement of our niece, the daughter of my youngest sister. Spurred by the amusing text sent by one of my sisters: “We are all in the country. If we liked each other, we would have a reunion.” LOL! And so we did with, of all people, our mother absent. It’s ok, she got a kick checking out the many pictures we tried to take of the six of us together.

Family together, but still not complete. Six siblings are though. See if you can pick them out!

One off my bucket list
I told my friends, whenever we gather together, all we do is eat and drink. Enough of that! I want some adventure. And so we set out to cross one off my/our bucket list – white water rafting. It’s something I would recommend to anyone wanting a bit of adventure. Thankfully, I sat in the middle of the raft. Had I been assigned the front row seat, I, too, would have fallen off the raft. Fun it was, and another occasion to renew friendships with friends, drawn closer due to proximity and circumstance.

This is one off my bucket list!

Visiting Mom and friends
Since Mom wasn’t able to make it for a visit this year, I decided to take my youngest child and fly across the miles to see her and also, to see my good friends in the Philippines.

Sweet friendships. Just the first of many gatherings with friends.

It’s what the doctor has ordered and seems to agree with me. Even without meds, my bp registered at 120/80. I must be relaxed. Of course, I am! I am “home.” This adventure isn’t over yet! Stay tuned for the next chapter!

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