At ground level

A column about LIFE


This weekly blog is about life … the challenges, the surprises, the ups and downs, the mishaps, the joys, happiness, sadness, hope and even faith – all viewed at ground level. My writing draws from many experiences in life, to which I hope others can relate.

I started this blog without knowing what I was doing, and it continues to be “a work in progress.” I don’t have much to add to what I wrote about myself and this blog in my first post, other than writing has been a safe harbor for me. It brings me to another time and other thoughts. In the past, it often filled a void whenever I felt I was raising my children all by myself. It still does. You see, I never feel lonely when I write.

Oh yes, about the copyright … if you feel the need to take anything from this blog, including pictures, you can. Just make sure you attribute it to this blog.

I’ll try to post regularly. Thanks for dropping by!

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